Opportunities for all to quality education on Hinduism in all schools in the United Kingdom


To engage with multiple stakeholders to create opportunities for learning Hinduism. To provide an oversight on and collaborate with the education boards and content providers. To develop teachers and teaching resources content on Hinduism. To raise awareness amongst Hindu parents about importance of Hinduism in RE.


To create and maintain relations with key stakeholders for advocacy of issues relating to teaching of Hinduism in the UK This will include governmental, local authorities, non-governmental organisations like exam boards and publishers, related to all aspects of RE Hinduism.
To research on all relevant issues for maintaining high standards of teaching and learning of Hinduism the UK. To monitor the presentations of Hinduism in RE in the UK and to alert the advocacy team of the issues.
Training & Education
To provide training of teachers in both the public and private sectors. To promote and facilitate teaching of Hinduism within the educational system and outside it To create an Institute of Hindu Studies UK for courses in all aspects of Hinduism to all ages from children to senior citizens. This can be linked to universities in the UK and abroad for certification.
To publish high class publications for teaching and learning Hinduism in the UK.
To create and maintain high-class resources for all stakeholders in the education of Hinduism in the UK.
To provide consultancy services to all stakeholders including exam boards and publishers