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Why HEB ?

Hinduism has the third biggest representation in the UK. Even being in a minority group, Hindus has contributed disproportionately higher to the overall UK economy and continue to do so. And yet, there is a major issue of teaching of Hinduism in the schools in the UK.
One of the most successful surveys recently done within Hindu community in the UK, was on the state of religious education in the UK. In particular it looked at the very serious issues regarding the teaching of Hinduism in the primary and secondary schools. What it strongly suggested is that something needs to be done about this dire situation that has wide ranging implications for the community. Almost all parents who responded wanted their children to be able to do GCSE and ‘A’ level Hinduism and at the same time the data showed that over 90 percent of these children had no access to this subject in their schools.
What was needed was a strategic approach that would provide a solution to the many problems confronting the community in access to Hinduism studies in the schools and thus, the valid rationale for setting up a professional Board that would have, at its core, the primary goals of Awareness, Authenticity and Advocacy.